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Blue and White Lamp

by Georgi

I know the pictures are not the best and no image of the bottom but what is the overall opinion on the piece. 20th century transferware?

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by: peter

These pictures are very limiting to what I can tell.
Could be late Qing or republic period, that is all I can see. Doesn't look like transfer ware, at least not these pictures.

If late Qing, then the glaze would have a grayish hue, and there should be a lot of brown spots inside the mouth. If the color is more white, it means it is later. The lighting under which the pictures were taken doesn't show true colors.

by: peter

On the surface this looks like a late Qing dynasty vase. Without better pictures I cannot check the essential points, however.
Firstly, the hue of the white glaze is important. The whiter the glaze is the later the item was made. Usually, the glaze of late Qing dynasty vases of this type has a slightly grayish hue. The light conditions under which this picture was taken isn't really ideal for seeing true colors.
The part of the decoration I can see (especially the camellias) looks as if they could be republic period, but not sure...

When buying this type of vases you should always check the interior just below the mouth, which usually contains lots of brown spots, if they are Qing period.

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