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Large Chinese Jar with Lid, 5 clawed dragons

Hello, I find this site very interesting and informative, I have a very large chinese jar that I am trying to identify, I think the mark is qianlong? but I do know that marks are not to be trusted, can anyone tell me if it is of the period, 13" tall, and 31" circumferance at widest

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Five clawed dragons
by: Tim

Five-clawed dragon designs were reserved for imperial use only. Since I do not believe this piece was made for the imperial family, it is a product made to imitate the underglaze blue and over glaze yellow enamelled items of the early Qing dynasty.
It is difficult to date an item from pictures alone, but second
half of 20th century to the last decade?

lidded jar
by: peter

The blue and yellow colors are not right for the period. They are too bright, probably made with chemical pigments. They should be made with mineral pigments on a period item.
The mark does not look handpainted either.
This is a 20th century item, rather on the later side, I think.

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