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18th century or not.

by Anton
(Tilburg, Netherlands)

Hai Peter,

What do you think of this plate, is it 18th century or 20. 30cm diameter.

Rgds Anton.

Comments for 18th century or not.

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dark spots
by: Shelley

Could you elaborate on the relationship between the dark spots and 18th century pieces, please?
Thanks, Shelley
Production quality was at its peak then, at Jingdezhen. So many spots would have been unlikely then...

by: peter

Would need a couple more of closeup (partial) views to make sure what this is. The only closeup of the interior picture looks doubtful to me.
The tree bark is drawn in an unusually prominent manner, and the willow tree is tiny besides the pines.
The many dark spots on the back should not be there is it were 18th century.

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