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Franklin Van Valkenburg Vase

by Tim Van Valkenburg
(Amarillo Texas)

Franklin Van Valkenburg was the Captain of the Arizona. Sometime in the 1930 he was in Japan and brought this vase to Hawaii. My Grandfather Cyril Van Valkenburg brought it to San Diego, my Father brought it to Fort Lauderdale and now I have it in Amarillo Texas. It is in excellent condition and I was told it is over 100 years old. May not be obvious from the photo but it is 48 inches tall and weighs about 80 lbs.. I have searched for information on the bottom markings and come up zilch. It is not for sale but I am curious about its origins. Any information is appreciated. Thanks, Tim Van Valkenburg

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by: stan

Are there any other marks on the side, they would be small, I have never seen a green leaf mark, I do not think it would be fukagawa with that type of mark, look at and search Japanese marks.

by: tim Van Valkenburg

This one is marked on the bottom with a large green leaf. Sorry I cant seem to add the pic

Japanese vase
by: Stan

Hi Tim, your vase is a very nice example of a Fukagawa vase, I have several, they are often marked on the bottom with a six character mark in red, and sometimes they marked the maker on the side as well, looks authentic to me, unfortunately the Japanese market is soft right now, I purchased one on line for $300.00 not as large as yours, and some of them could be worth thousands if it is imperial,

by: peter

As this vase seems to be Japanese, I cannot help. Maybe another visitor knows it.
You should upload at least some closeup pictures of the decoration and the foot, to allow viewing of details.

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