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Chinese vase unknown age

by John Voelker
(Seattle Wash)

This belonged to my aunt, was passed down to my mother in 1975, and then me in 2000. It is a little over 9 inches tall, and suffered some smoke damage in 1979. It has not been cleaned or anything else since. I know it is over 80 years old, and my aunt thought it was valuable. Any information would be more than welcome, thanks, John

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chinese vase unknown age
by: stan

Your vase is Japanese, no doubt about it, just recently I was looking on e-bay under Japanese antique porcelain and l saw a vase similar to yours with the same mark the seller did not give any info except that it is Japanese, the starting bid was $50.00. It might still be on there, on ebay do a search under Japanese antique porcelain.

Thanks Stan
by: John

Thanks for your input, I'd be happy to send better pictures, you can e-mail me at, your date estimate could be correct. I know she bought it between 1930 and 1950, but she thought it was much older. I was told years ago the mark on the bottom was the number nine in chinese. Again, thanks very much, john

Japanese vase
by: stan

This looks like it could be satsuma by the color of the bottom, it looks like a tannish color typical of satsuma, dose the glaze have a crackle finish to it, the mark however looks like a Kutani mark done it a Moriage style, I would date this to 1900 to 1940 it could be earlier but I would need close up pictures of the top and bottom and of the detail not blurry clear pictures, thanks.

by: peter

Japanese or Chinese copy of Japanese style?
Maybe someone else here can help.

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