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An fishbowl, need help

by Roberto Reigosa Mendez
(Pradia3 Budian, O valadouro, Lugo, Galiza España)

I´m archaeologist in Spain, in the north, so sorry for my english; I´m used to identify pottery and porcelain medieval, post medieval ad after, but european and spanish items, only two or tree times I help to find an ming or quing imported sheard of porcelain, obbiusly they are autentic,but this days I buy a lot of porcelain of an empty rich house, for me the most of them wer buyed during the orientalist period in the 20s of the XX century, but I can say nothing obout this fishbowl used as planter, I´ll sed you my mail because in this moment only can show you micro photos by problems with my camera, nevertheless is anything to beguin and provabli enaugth to say by profesionals if this are antique or not. The seal is quing, quianlong, the decoration habe a blue glazzed very strange in all of them, and the rest...., well see the photos and if you need help about spanish potery I offer my help, thanks and regards my email is please use it when your want

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by: peter

The mark is of no consequence in Chinese porcelain. Cannot tell much from these pictures. You can also upload larger picture to an external image site like Photobucket, and post the link here.
Please do not send pictures by email. They will not pass filters. Just upload somewhere and send/post the link.

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