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Small. Ginger jar. Old ming period small jar

by Allan hecker
(St catharines )

Is this also original period piece
What does markings say

Thanks once again

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by: peter

Pictures are insufficient. Should be taken in good lighting during daylight.
I am suspicious of the smeared bottom and foot rim. They are usually signs of faking.
Allan, the fact that many of your items have authentic looking Ming marks (written in Ming dynasty style characters) is putting the items in doubt. I never saw so many auspicious character Ming marks in one place. ...its a bit too many.
Better be careful, you might have a supplier with clever fakers as source. If it weren't for the Ming style characters...

Look at the marks here, especially the colors of the blue pigment used. The eighth and ninth from the bottom are marks you did show me.

PS: The tone of the underglaze blue color differed according to era and location. If your marks are really that bright blue as shown in your pictures, then an alarm bell should ring. In the late Qing dynasty the tone of blue was different on minyao wares, as they did not have access to imported cobalt anymore.

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