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Oriental Vase and Stand

by Becky Carl
(Fairhope, AL)

I am hoping you can help me. My stepdad has a collection of oriental pictures with onlays, vases, and this vase and stand that has mother of pearl inlaid. I am thinking it is some kind of hard plastic because it is lightweight. He seemed to think it was very valuable because of the mother of pearl; I have no idea and am trying to see how to price it to sell on ebay.

I appreciate your help and expertise.

Thank you, Becky Carl

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by: Sal Kahil

can not help here:
1) your items is not porcelain and on this blog we discuss Antique CHINESE porcelaine

@)We don't discuss prices in the blog like
Peter would say
"I cannot give you a value because that is relative to many factors.

vase and stand
by: peter

This is either lacquer ware or imitation lacqer ware. Looks pretty new.

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