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Song Olive colour bowl

by Shelley

I bought this from the sellar who sold me the Ming eight- immortal bowl. Please advise on authenticity. Than you!

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by: peter

This is not Longquan, if you thought it was. Cannot tell from pictures if it is old. I would need to hold it to evaluate weight and density of clay, but there are scores of fakes out there.

My advise would be:
I really don't recommend starting to collect ancient (高古) pieces, and monochromes in general. Starting with Ming, Qing and early republic items, blue/white or polychrome, will give you more reference points to check on authenticity.
If you feel you know enough of those, then it is easy to go over to the ancient ceramics.

It is also recommended to not do ancient ceramics and Ming, Qing, etc. at the same time, because there is too much information to digest. I noted that even in China some collectors only collect the latter or former, and readily admit that they know little about the other.

From the view of investment, Ming, Qing ceramics have also better prospects.

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