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Chinese Antique Kangxi Vases

by Ali
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Chinese Kangxi Vases

Chinese Kangxi Vases

Would some one be kind enough to furnish some useful information regarding these two (supposedly) Kangxi vases (I am no expert and reached to the conclusion that these are Kangxi period vases simply by searching on the internet and finding very similar vases with similar stamps on eBay). At any rate I'd still appreciate your feedback/any information on these vases.
The vases are a little over six inches tall.
I have tried to take images in day light and a few close ups for hopefully proper identification.
Thank you.
p.s. I'll be posting some more pictures of oriental porcelain that I have been collecting in the past 20 yrs or so without really being mindful of what period they represent or what actual value they might hold in the market place...I simply collected the pcs for their attractiveness and/or simply because I love vintage and Antique stuff.
But recently my curiosity has grown to find out more about these pieces and thus the first post on this forum :)

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Chinese Antique Kangxi Vases
by: Ali

Thank you very much Peter for your prompt and succinct comments on the post I submitted:
'Chinese Antique Kangxi Vases'.
Even though a bit disappointing for me to learn that these vases are not antique, I am glad that, however little, I'm making progress in learning about Chinese vintage/antique wares.
I have to thank you for putting up an excellent site, where much could be gleaned about Chinese/Oriental porcelain. Keep up the good work.
I'll keep putting up more inquiries for better learning!

by: peter

Hi Ali,
I'm afraid I have to tell you that these are not antiques. Obviously they are transfer printed, but China did not really start transfer printing before the mid-20th century, approximately, and then only in a limited way. Handpainting was the norm until more recent times, except in porcelain factories.

Anyway, this is a creation of the last few decades. The Kangxi mark serves for decoration. Such marks appear on many items that are not of the period.
The crackling of these vases is of the type that is artificially created.
I would recommend to browse through the content of this site a bit, to learn about age signs, etc.

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