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2 Tea sets

by Lee-Anne

Good day.

I have 2 tea sets and would like to know if the are worth anything.

- first one is a white Queen Anne teaset with 6 cups with golden inlay in a floral patern and each cup has a individual code, 6 tea saucer and 6 side plate as well as 6 spoons. - No chips and colour in excelent condition. Approxemantely from the 1800's and was brought to SA from England by my family.

- Second one is a fine china tea set, dont know what time period its from, 6 cups, 6 saucers and 6 side plates. one of the cups is however cracked and fixed. Half white half colour patern with cold rim inlay.

please could someone tell me where in SA could I get these evaluated.

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