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Famille Rose plates

by Andy

Hi again Peter,
I was at a very quiet Car Boot Sale at the weekend ( Wimbledon Final Day) and I came across two plates that no one else seemed at all interested in. I handed over my £2 ( the damaged one came free of charge) thinking that they were quite a good find. The larger damaged one is a 14 inch diameter charger which I feel could be 18th Century. It is the smaller one ( at just over 9 inches in diameter that I need your help with. I think the main thing that puzzles me is the condition, it is very near perfect even down to the gilding and enamel. It could have been made yesterday its that good. I will send you some images and I would love to hear your verdict upon it. Again thanks in advance, Andy

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Great News!
by: Andy

Hi Peter,
Thank you once again as you always make my day! I was thinking the charger was possibly Yongzheng and despite the damage you can still see its beauty. I stopped myself from hoping that the other one was around that age because as I say of its pristine condition and because I own no other Famille Rose porcelain for a comparison. I feel it was trully my lucky day. Thank you Peter for your time and thoughts and thanks to Andy Murray for keeping people away from that Car Boot Sale!
Kindest regards,

famille rose plates
by: peter

Hi Andy,
My favorite type of plate. You didn't upload a closeup or bottom picture of the charger. Judging by the decoration it is Yongzheng.
The smaller one is about the same period, first half of 18th century, I would say.
Two pounds for both? You paid about 1% of the going rate!
Congratulations for the find.

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