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Antique Asian Vase

by birdsue

I am trying to get some information regarding my antique vase. I do know that it is very old having been in my family for over 60 yrs. Is it Chinese or Japanese? Is it imari of another style. Any information is greatly appreciated! thanks

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by: Snap

Products of the Kutani area kilns have been mass-produced for generations. Whether tableware sold in USA or decorative vases sold in department stores in many places, much of it is of very good quality.

This material is extremely plentiful. This area has a very complex history to which some persons have devoted decades to study. But nearly all of what is on the market today is simply decorative.

Bear in mind that items meant for export may have had stickers saying country of origin. So lack of "Japan" or "Made in Japan" on a piece does not necessarily mean was made before 1890.

This forum is about Chinese porcelain. If you post question in future, show in-focus pictures of complete item, taken in natural light. Marks or inscriptions by themselves most often do not tell the story of a piece.

Should I get it appraised?
by: Susan

Thanks Peter for the info! I researched marks for Kutani but could not find this one specifically. You really needs a Masters in Asian Art to know what's what, doing research on one's own is very challenging! The vase is very old and I'm wondering if it's worth getting appraised? Any opinions are welcome and thanks in advance!

Japanese vase
by: peter

This is Japanese. Cannot tell much about age of Japanese items.
There is a Kutani mark. This should give you a starting point for more research. Kutani is a major Japanese kiln.

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