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"Sites Worth Visiting" shows recommended websites which are related to ceramics in general, antiques and/or are related to the culture of China or Asia.

National Palace Museum, Taipei - online exhibitions

  • Giuseppe Castiglione Exhibition
    Castiglione (1688–1766) was an Italian priest and court painter in China whose paintings deeply affected Chinese art in the 18th century (including ceramics painting)

  • Exhibition of Yangcai Porcelain
  • Many other online exhibitions - use the search box on the website of the National Palace Museum to locate them.

(Yangcai is an enamel decoration first made for the palace in the 18th century.)

Online Galleries

Other Ceramics Websites

  • Informative site on Bleu de Hué, export porcelain made specifically for Vietnam.
  • Image collection of Chinese ceramics on Flickr
  • Detailed pictures of early white wares 

Websites of Organizations

Private Sites

Shipwreck Sites

  • Visit this site for known shipwrecks in the South China Sea and vicinity. The wreck names may be encountered when collecting Chinese and regional ceramics.

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