Ceramics packaging - How NOT to do it!

Ceramics packaging material of this sort inevitably invites trouble. The longer the distance to the destination, the more likely it is it arrives like these examples. If you are a seller, please consider the use of better materials than these examples do:

Example 1

(Parcel as received)
A whiskey box was used. As you can see, despite the FRAGILE marking the box was compressed.
Single sheet cardboard boxes should never be used. Only corrugated cardboard can provide enough strength.
Luckily in this case the small porcelain item was located in the lower third of the box.

Example 2

Not so lucky in this case. The two porcelain plates in this box were both broken.

Would you believe this? This seller from Paris stuffed the box actually with the materials shown here. This was photographed when unpacking the box. Among the material stuffed in the box was a magazine cover, train ticket, tooth brush package and more of this kind!

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