Human Motifs and Figures in Chinese Ceramics

First appearance of human motifs

秦,漢 (Qin, Han dynasties) (248 BC-220 AD)
Human figures mostly as figures in mythology, burial figurines, etc.

六朝 (Six dynasties) (220-589)
Human figures appear on ritual vessels, funeral ware. Piled and formed by hand, simple and raw

隨,唐 (Sui, Tang dynasties) (581-907)
Few human figures used for decorative purposes, but large quantities of pottery figures for burial

宋 (Song dynasty) (907-1279)
Human figures in painted decorations have reached maturity during this period

元 (Yuan dynasty) (1206-1367)
Decorations with human figures are becoming mainstream

明,清 (Ming, Qing dynasties) (1368-1911)
Even more decorations with human figures than before

Craft motifs in Chinese culture

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