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Yongzhen Era Vase

by john

HI there,
I have made a few enquiries and the reply i gotten was that this was made late 19th or early 20th century. However, it has a yongzhen seal and has been in my family more than 100 years and was a gift from a qing officer.

Funny how the recent qing vase that sold for millions were also thought and valued at just hundreds. Even the big auction houses said some of them were not suitable for auction, then one sold for a record 50m.

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Apr 01, 2011
by: peter

These pictures are too small with no details visible to inspect anything.
Normally, we would need pictures of the bottom, foot rim and also close-ups of the decoration. Pictures should be made under lighting or daylight that allow to see the colors properly.

Anyway, this is an apocryphal Yongzheng mark. Most if not all Yongzheng period marks were written in Kaishuu characters. The thin lines that look like enamel were also not usual anytime during the Qing dynasty. Additionally, the fact that the mark strokes aren't painted very orderly could mean an enamel mark was painted at a later time without firing.
The decoration is also not characteristic for the Yongzheng period, to my knowledge.
I agree that it could be late Qing, but that needs hands-on verification. If you are in Singapore, why not ask a local antique dealer for an opinion. With this type of item it is difficult to be sure by pictures alone, generally. I would suggest you try a dealer like to look at it directly. Judging from the website they understand their stuff.
Please be aware that even with genuine Qing wares a lot of them were made durng the late Qing dynasty, especially the Guangxu reign, when they also copied many items of earlier Qing reigns. You cannot rely on the mark alone for the time it was made. It needs to be checked for age signs and might even need an inspection with a magnifier.

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