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xuande bowl?

by Kamel



I have a light green bowl with writing all over it , it appears to be of xuande. Can anyone confirm that for me pllease.
thank you

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Aug 04, 2013
How about mine?
by: Di

I have two plates as well One signed and the other not-one has a hooved dragon the other has a couple being chaperoned.Can I add a picture?

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Jan 10, 2012
Xiande Bowl
by: Anonymous

I found your bowl- the exact one - on a site called Ming reproduction- anyhoo- I have some exactly like yours also but with different marks- and with the crackle at the bottom- and it turned out to be very very valuable .... Don't ever let anyone discourage you- just keep on researching - there is t his very awesome site "collectors Weekly" - you can put your items for show n tell - I love it because there you can put anything you want, not like here where you just have to put porcelain .. I read where Peter said to use Value my stuff appraisals - I advise you not too- I have used them before and they have appraised some of my items - in which they appraised for really low value- example I had a very old scroll and they appraised it and said it wouldnt sell because of the way enconomy is and blah blah blah- but I sent a picture to christies auction house- and they wrote back right away inviting me to send more pictures of the scroll-..... so you see- just because someone says they are 'Appraisers" don't mean squat- get at least 4 opinions- you know kind of like if someone was told by a doctor they had cancer and you had to have an operation or something right away- you would want to get other opinons right?..... Also there have many many fake porcelains who have passed for real- and Christies and other auction houses have had fakes also I have read .... So do not give up !!!!! .....

Jan 10, 2012
by: Gero

i have exactly the same here: 1 big, 4 of your size, 2 small and 4 very small ones. it was a gift from a rich person who is selling antiques. i don't belive that weboth own the same items...but maybe????

Oct 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Dear Peter

thanks for your help... have a very pleasant day
.. I wont be bothering you again..



Oct 07, 2011
Xuande bowl
by: peter

Hi Sissy:
I went to elogedelart page, but I don't understand what you mean. The "wintergreen xuande" is what we call qingbai porcelain, yours is celadon.
Is this all about the Xuande mark being the same?

The pieces of elogedelart all look authentic, but that the mark on yours is similar does not make it authentic. You can find many Xuande pieces that are not authentic, but have the mark.
If you read up on "marks" in this site, you will see that Chinese marks cannot be used for authentication, as they would with European pieces. It is a fact that mark copying did go on for hundreds of years, and the Japanese used Chinese marks too. New imitations still use sometimes marks from the Ming dynasty.

If I tell you that I think your items is good for auction, I think I would do you a disfavor...but I recommend to get a second opinion here:
If you want to make a valuation, you could try They are very affordable.

Just one last word. When we look whether an item is authentic or not, we look at all factors. If only one point in the overall valuation is negative, then it is not. The mark itself is not part of the authentication process, as many items never had marks anyway. The item itself is important.
I wish you luck.

Oct 07, 2011
sorry.. :( Its me again
by: Anonymous

Hi Peter.

It wasnt my intention to put words into your mouth.. I am just trying to understand your meaning of "its fake" and the reasons why?? I thank you for taking the time to explain your reasonings.. that was very admirable of you since after i read what i wrote and can easily see where you could of taken my email-tone wrong.. so to speak.. :) I do apologize for the misunderstanding. But back to the bowl.. and i just wanted to share with you a thing i came across when i was trying to look up my own piece of these unique pieces.. I tried to give you the picture.. but being new to the computer world.. I havent quite figure out how to do that yet.. lol.. but learning new things EVERYDAY!!! :) But i did succeed at coping the website for you to look up.. and if that doesnt work.. this worked for me... I typed "wintergreen xuande" in google images and the piece i found and want you to look at WILL show up.. then you easily find the website of where it comes from.. So after you get the chance to read the article of what THEY say.. (after scrolling down to find the particular piece of course...:O) than hopefully you could see my confusion... I do try not to make the wrong points.. ESPECIALLY since i am NO EXPERT at ANTIQUEs... I would LOVE to learn.. but as you can see.. i HAVE ALOT TO LEARN :) BUT i would be eager to hear back from you after you read taht.. and tell me what you think... Perhaps that these came out then too??? since... well i will let you read it.. THEY definately explain it better than i ever could...maybe right after the YONGLE period right before the XUANDE Period???
I am NOT trying to prove ANYONE wrong or right here.. I JUST REALLY WANT TO KNOW IF I MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING HERE BEFORE I MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE OF THINKING IT WAS NOT OF ANY VALUE... and find out later it WAS..LOL i have done that ALOT in my life... and at this present time.. I truly could really USE SOME GOOD NEWS!!! if you know what i mean.. ?

thank you soo much for your time and energy to humor me on this matter.. and hopefully.. ya never know.. MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN!!! And YOU being an Antique Person. .and if you can help me with this.. and if it does PROVE TO BE OF SOME WORTH... I want you to know i dont forget about anyone when it really counts...

Thanks again..

Oct 06, 2011
xuande bowl
by: peter

To Sissy:
Please don't lay words in my mouth which I didn't say, like " and if you have indeed seen these all over in the past 20 years or soo...".

I will tell you what is wrong.
1. The foot rim is wrong, Ming foot rims look different.
2. The blue color is wrong, again, Ming blue pigments look different. It could be chemical dye, but not sure with these pictures.
3. The glaze is wrong for the Ming dynasty.
4. The crackling on bottom isn't natural either.
5. The brown rim isn't right for the period.
Unless you find pictures for recent fakes/new items, you will not find anything online, I assume, showing this type of item. But I have seen such items also in plate form, etc.
I believe there is at least one plate among the more than one thousand submissions in this blog.
I'm yet to see a Ming dynasty item with the "Shou" character decoration executed in such a manner.

Some items are difficult to tell whether they are antique or fakes. But, some are easy to tell. This comes with experience, after seeing thousands and thousands of both genuine and fake antiques. This one is easy to tell. There are too many points that seem incongruent.
Judging antiques is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of experience and knowledge.
If for example certain shapes, glazes, blue pigments did not exist in a certain period, how could an item be from them. The stamps at the bottom are the last thing collectors look at.
Because the marks of old were copied in the past and they are still being copied now.

Just to give a picture, we here guess that 99% of "antique" Chinese porcelain on the market today are fakes or reproductions. Believe it or not...
Be careful from whom you buy, and check out the seller's reputation first.

Oct 06, 2011
my pieces.. ???
by: Anonymous

Dear Peter
Okay.. i am just asking for you to let me know .. why you say it is fake.. and if you have indeed seen these all over in the past 20 years or soo... can you please give me the website of these such pieces??? Cause i have a teapot with the same thing.. and if its from 20 years ago.. I WILL EAT MY SHIRT!!! for one.. it has the ribbed exterior of being spun on a pottery wheel.. then the handle and spout both have been a separate piece.. and PLUS... if thats not enough.. when i look at the plates that match.. from the floor from a standing position... I can see the imprints of each symbol that was WRITTEN on the plate.. I am not trying to be nasty about this.. but i just want to be sure of what i have before i listen to the FIRST person who is telling me that it is fake.. oh yeah.. I failed to mention.. I am from the USA.. so if this bowl is in London.. they have a tendency of traveling.. but YET i cant find a Pic, A blog, a NOTHING on this AT ALL... thinking the same of what you have spoke of them being ALL OVER the place.. Just asking for better explainations than that . .if you really truly know what you are speaking of... thank you. and hoping to hear from you soon. Sissy
Or can you tell me if they even made this in that time or not.. and they made reproduction of that.. so THESE COULD BE REAL??? and THOSE ARE FAKES?? jsut curious???

Oct 06, 2011
by: peter

It's a fake Xuande bowl. Nothing antique about it. Probably made in the last twenty years or so.

Oct 05, 2011
another xuande ... owner.. I THINK!!!
by: Anonymous

Hi... I am just wondering if you found out anything about your bowl??? the reason why i am asking is because ... I have two dinner plates and two saucers and a teapot.. JUST LIKE YOURS!!! and like you am trying to see what they are and wehre from... if you could please email me back.. if you have any further information.. it would be deeply appreciated!!!!
thank you

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Feb 21, 2011
by: peter

The mark says indeed "Xuande", but I doubt it is genuine. I have seen such items many times, also as plates, and they always were 20th century.
The writing is the character 'Shou'(longevity) repeated in many different writing styles.
The glaze, rim and bottom are all not right for the Ming dynasty.

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