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Wobbly marked bowl

by Ryan

Here is the last bowl for today.. It is covered in a certain character as you can see and has a possible mark inside the bowl. It looks like a Ming style bowl to me and is very white in color.
I was hoping you could tell me if this is a Ming bowl.. and what the outer characters are.. and what the mark is inside the bowl..
Tell me these and I will a happy man haha.. It has been a long day, I could use a glass of wine.

Again, thank you ever so kindly

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repeated character
by: Ryan

Thanks for your feedback again. I am not sure about what the repeated symbol is either. It could be Sanskrit because I know they still use that language here for religious purposes, but I am not sure. I will just keep my eyes open for any similar bowls in the future. (:

by: peter

Late Ming to early Qing, probably. I cannot read the character or characters inside. The top part is clear enough, but the bottom one...sometimes handwritten characters are difficult to read, but what makes it more problematic is that some characters were written in a slightly different way in those times.
Anyway, that is not a mark, it is just for decoration.
Those on the outside aren't very clear either. Could it be a Sanskrit character repeated all over?

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