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width of edges of the vase base

by R cowper

In the making of porcelain could the chinese potters make the circular area of the vases very thin to the point where they would be almost as thin as the edge of a plate or were the edges of the vase base alwayus made thick? I ask this because I saw a bowl for sale where the edge of the base was very thin like that of a plate so I am curious to know exactly how thin could the ancient potters make the vase edges at the base?

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Dec 14, 2010
vase base
by: peter

I assume you are talking about the foot rim on which the vase stands?
Its thickness could be anything that a plate rim can be. As long as it is sufficient to support the vase ... but the size and weight of the vase is a point to consider. Depends also on what you understand under "thick" or "thin". Basically, during the 18th century and first half of the 19th the rim would have been thinner, usually. It became thicker afterwards. So, if your vase is genuine or not depends on the period it is from, or pretends to be from.
About 2mm would be quite normal, with eggshell porcelain it could be even thinner. These porcelain items are usually semi-transparent.

If you have images, you could upload them somewhere and supply the link for checking.
But, I wouldn't depend on the foot rim alone for making a decision.

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