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What about this?

by Zip

Glare from windows. Not that shiny

Glare from windows. Not that shiny

This looks old to me, and like a classic design, but could be some kind of copy. There is no mark.
Is it worth anything?

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Oct 03, 2010
blue and white plate
by: peter

The picture resolution is not sufficient to make sure, but it looks like transfer printing to me. That is a sort of early porcelain printing. The plate doesn't look Chinese, but could be Japanese or European.
Transfer printed Chinese porcelain has little collecting value, and that type of printing started much later than in Japan. Japan seems to have used it already in the 19th century. We do not know about the collective value of Japanese transfer print wares.

If the blue has a dotted appearance, then it is likely transfer printing. If you can recognize brush strokes (with a magnifier, etc.) then it is hand painted.

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