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way better pics

by jim collins

1st pic is of close up of inside of lid, 2nd is markings on bottom of saucer plate, 3rd is side view of the plate, 4th is side view of that bowl/lid combo, these pics are alot better quality and closer the markings are the only marking there are out of all the things i have.thank you again

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Mar 14, 2011
shipwreck ceramics
by: peter

Hi Jim,
It is difficult to say more than that they are probably shipwreck ceramics. Glaze and decoration are completely gone.
The shape and height of the box makes it highly unlikely that it is Chinese. The bottom and scratch signs are not typical Chinese either.

I would assume that they are possibly Southeast Asian items. Vietnam and Thailand are known to have made and shipped considerable amounts of ceramics at an early time, hundreds of years ago, some even looking similar to early Chinese ceramics.

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