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Vibrant Coloured Plate with Makers Samp Plus Made in China 059

by Samantha Lyden
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Carnation & Pomegranate Plate

Carnation & Pomegranate Plate

I have resently been handed a very vibrant and heavy plate with a makes stamp which of course l can't read and the words made in china 059 imprinted on the back.

The plates subject is many varietys of flowers with pink caration featuring in the middle. It also has a pomegranate with a part cut away so you can see the seeds, sorry no good with the names of the other flower!

It has a black back ground behind the flower but this does not extend to the rim of the plate. There is a repeated pattern on the rim almost greek looking, each one being blue, yellow, gold, red.

Would just love to know more about this plate if anyone has seen anything like it or could give me some more history would be great - oh dear just saw the option to put a picture (will be better than my description!)

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Aug 07, 2010
by: peter

Hello Samantha,
Search for the post titled "Can you tell me the age and value of this set?" in this blog and you will find similar pieces, apparently from the same place.
The mark is the same. The number is irrelevant as it probably is a batch number.
The Chinese in the mark says "China, Shantou". The old name of Shantou is Swatow and you may find more information on the Internet under Swatow wares. However, the old so-called Swatow wares are now called Zhangzhou wares because archaeology verified that they were made in Zhangzhou.
With a mark called Shantou its origin is likely in the Chaozhou area of Guangdong province.

Yours is probably 20th century, that is, likely within the last couple of decades.
Nice plate!

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