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brown footrim
by: shellley kong

Could you enlighten us on why fakes have brown footrims? Thanks

The consistency of the clay was different in the old times. They apply the color to hide the bare, fired clay of the foot rim, which is important for judging authenticity; it often is the only unglazed part on the whole item and is therefore the part looked at most for judging age.
I do not know why brown...? Occasionally it is gray. In fact, few real antiques have a foot rim of that color, thus we always assume that the foot rim was "treated", especially if the color cannot be easily washed off.

Thank you
by: an

Hey Peter
Thank you very much,for helping me
Thank you

by: peter

20th century painting style with rare Hongxian mark. Unfortunately, the brown foot rim is commonly found on fakes.

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