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update on two asian bowls that apear to be old

by stan
(Milwaukie OR.)

Hi Peter, here are the photos, please let me know if this is what you want, I am still learning how to work this camera,I don't think I ever gave you the dimensions of the bowls, one is 8-1/4" and the other is 7-7/8" on the top and the bottoms are 6-1/4" and the other is 6-1/8", the height is 2-1/4" and the other is 2-1/8" thanks from Stan.

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Feb 23, 2011
bowls (deep plates)
by: peter

Hi Stan,
The webmaster of (a site recommended for studying) has put my nose on the right track regarding your item.
The items may be shipwreck porcelain, possibly from the Hoi An wreck, which contained Vietnamese porcelain that was contemporaty with the Chinese Ming dynasty. Actually, Annam (today's northern Vietnam) was the name used by the Chinese for the territory that at one time was part of the Ming empire.
Many of the Hoi An shipwreck items show elements that resemble your plates, and at the same time seem to incorporate Chinese Ming influences.

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