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Unusual colors. For what market and age

by Terry McCandless
(Columbus, Ohio USA)

Hi, I was excited to stumble onto this site last evening. I thought I would submit some of my mystery pieces. This sauce plate is approx. 5 1/2 in wide. The footrim is undercut. The painting is of pretty good quality but the colors stump me. The ground color is a gray/purple. As you can see there are greens, blue, orange/red, a bit of yellow/ochre, and turquoise. What market do you think this was for? Turkish? and from what time period? Thanks for any and all information.

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by: peter

Not unusual, just not very common. This is Chinese, 19th century, Daoguang or Xianfeng reign. I attribute them to Xianfeng, usually.

Porcelain of that reign is not plenty, because the reign was short and production limited. Due to strife and turbulence, and the Taiping rebellion.
Good collective item.

You will find an item of the same period in the gallery of this site.

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