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Unsure of the age of my vase

by Ian Davenport

I am an avid collector of oriental vases but have no idea what this one is. It has a lovely glaze and the butterflies can be felt under the glaze which makes me think they are hand painted.
There is no identification mark but there are firing faults as can be seen in the pictures.
Reading the firing faults and how to age articles on this site makes me want to check the vase out before it goes into my display cabinet.

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by: peter

That shape and bottom 18th century?

by: Ian Davenport

Hi Peter - thank you for your thoughts. I have to agree but something is telling me to keep digging. As you say, it's typically Japanese yet the ox blood -sang de boeuf colour which is popular in Chinese ceramics depicting 'celebration' together with the butterly which represents 'joy' in Chinese culture certainly points to China.
With no identification marks and the apparent firing faults it has made me think but I tend to lean towards a modern copy of an 18th century vase and not a very good copy at that.

by: peter

If it were not for the shape, I would think this vase is Japanese. The decoration looks typical Japanese.
If it is Chinese, as the shape might indicate, then it could have to me more recently made, I think. Sorry, but this may not be antique.

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