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Unmarked blue / white - chinese?

by Dave
(Norfolk, UK)

This came with a lot of a deceased relative's stuff.

Much of his stuff was Edwardian / Victorian & WWI era.

This has no base mark and the blue is a dark blue.

It shows a coastal rural scene and a farmer coming towards a house from the fields.

It looks Chinese and fascinates me.

It is very pretty.

The implement the 'farmer' is carrying also slightly resembles a signature?

Or is that just wishful thinking on my part!!

Any help would greatly appreciated please.

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by: Dave

Thanks for your help Peter.

Very kind.

ginger jar
by: peter

Hi, this is a ginger jar.
It can hardly be from the era the other stuff you mention is, I'm afraid. I would think it to be at the most late 20th century. While the shape of the jar and the motive is traditional, the decoration seems to be transfer printed.

The use of transfer printing started in China only later in the 20th century. In addition, the whiteness of the glaze and the foot rim also indicate a 20th century item...

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