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Two Small Pots

by Kurt Karlsson
(Orillia Ontario Canada)

Hello Peter,

Could you help me date these two small pots?
The size of the larger one is, 4.5" high and 5.0"
at the widest part across. The smaller one is,
3.5" high and 4.0" across.

They both have a "crackle" design, and are glazed
except for the brown rings around both,they are a
matte finish, brown paint.

The large pot still has a wooden top. It seems to
be made out of cedar or balsa wood,it's very light
weight,and seem quite old, the other one is missing.

The marks on the bottom are also painted with the
matte brown paint. I enclosed two pictures of the
bottom, one shows the "crackle" better, and the
other shows the mark better.

Thank You, Kurt

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Feb 27, 2011
crackle jars
by: peter

Hi Kurt,
The wooden lid is a replacement lid.
These are newer Fangge jars. My guess is that they are second quarter of 20th century or later, possibly very recent. I believe there are still some being made. Difficult to tell from when they are exactly

Here is an example of an old, simple Fangge vase, late Qing dynasty, without color decoration.

Basically, you will see that the background is less white than yours. A whiter background means usually it is more into the 20th century as the white glazes weren't anyway near "snow white" during that time.
Then you see that the crackles are grayish; with the old ones they are usually more brown/beige.
The brown bands are often darker with the newer ones. But what is really giving away the left jar is the way the crackles spread out from the rim and the mark.

I am not quite sure from when your type is, but it probably is vintage at the most, possibly more recent.

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