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two asian bowls

by stan day
(Milwaukie OR.)

Hi Peter, the photo's you requested, Stan.

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Feb 14, 2011
Thanks Peter, I will send new photos at another time.
by: Anonymous

Hi Peter, I will try again later, I have got to learn how to use my camera, I will get better photos and send them to the web site you suggested, from Stan.

Feb 14, 2011
by: peter


I'm afraid these pictures will not do.
There are two problems. When I copy an image from the blog into a graphics application it is only 400 pixel wide. 800 should be the minimum. The resolution is insufficient if I enlarge this picture.
The other is the light. If you do not have a white light inside, you may have to photograph it in daylight, perhaps outside or near the window.
The yellowish tone does not allow one to see the colors correctly.

As the blog limits image size I suggest you either post the images to Photobucket or elsewhere on the web, then post the link, or you send them by email to

Sorry, but the blog's image size limit is out of my control.

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