Trinket Box ?

by Dave
(Spring Hill, Fl)


I now have 2 of this type of Box, and now I tried to look to find more info and value of them, however I can not figure out what they are know as, are they a powder box,Trinket Box, or some other name? You have told me in the past they are broken pottery re-used. Also is there some place they would hide a makers mark, or any other ID ?

Thanks, as always

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shard box
by: suzy

they are chinese shard boxes

Items made with shards
by: peter

It is only possible to know that the shard of your larger box is from the 19th century, if genuine. But the metal and shard modifications, etc. are probably made in more recent times. With that I mean they are probably still being made. You cannot date that.
It is just an innovative way of using shards. The place your blue and white shards were fired is probably Jingdezhen, which has a porcelain producing history of a thousand years.
There is an almost never ending supply of shards from kiln waste.
I've been told that the shards are everywhere in town. Just digging down anywhere will produce large numbers. They are the waste of the many kilns that stood in the area over time. (We are talking here about dozens, hundreds, something that is unimaginable in other parts of the world.)
Pendants made of shards also seem fashionable now. They just produce anything that can be sold.

by: peter

Hi Dave, mine hasn't any mark, and I doubt that you find any. Like most crafts in China these are made by anonymous craftsmen. If you hoped you find something like the silver marks on the metal, I doubt there will be any.
Most craft items never had or have a personal or manufacturer's mark. This is true even today with many items. The most notable exception are Yixing tea wares and carved items from the 19th century and later, as well as some shops.
This items are solely made for profit, and it is to be assumed that more than one person works on the same piece in the work shop, in many cases. You don't have the self-consciousness of single craftsmen as you would in the west. I don't think there is a specific name in Chinese for this, but I don't know in English, I'm afraid. They are likely made for export as the people in the west seem to welcome them...
The last five lines under Chinese China Marks at is actually valid for many other crafts from China too.

PS: Did I promise that I would show you a box that was made from a lid? Don't remember for sure whether I did, but here is the link.

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