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Jan 19, 2011
by: JEAN

I think it is not, because true ones are quite more beautiful
there are shops in china there are 2000 vases like yours
sorry but it is for your well

Jul 15, 2010
by: peter

From your original question I suppose you have the same doubts I have.

My personal opinion is that this is not Tongzhi but rather a 20th century imitation.

The faces and eyes seem to confirm that. Tongzhi faces are always drawn with a red outline only, as are the eyes. In some instances there may be a tiny dot for the pupils, but generally said, Tongzhi faces are easy to recognize due to their eerie, almost ghostly look. The faces are never as detailed as on this vase.

The bottom made be suspicious too because it looks as if it were made to look old, but it could also be the lighting that makes it appear that way.
I would also like to draw your attention to one peculiarity seldom seen in porcelain vases. But, I am not sure if this is reflections on the glaze only.

In the photograph one can clearly see the horizontal lines of the thrown clay body, especially in the neck area. Usually it is impossible to see these lines as they are smoothed down after throwing. Although this does not say anything about whether it is Tongzhi or not, usually, 19th century porcelain is not made in such a careless manner. If these lines are not just reflections from photographing, but are actually there, for me this only confirms what I suspect.
The above is my personal opinion.

Jul 14, 2010
by: peter

Can you upload a close-up picture of the faces, with good resolution so that even the eyes are visible clearly?

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