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teapot willow pattern dug

by annette
(essex uk)

another peice dug from a victorian tip .its hand painted i thought it was transfer. on closer examination realised it was painted ,its in very bad shape but i love it for herbs in the summer ,and it is still a lovley blue shame about the crazing ,do you think its chinese i am curious as to its origin .

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Mar 06, 2011
tea pot
by: annette morris

thank you .i will continue to use this big old pot for my herbs ,i love old pottery even if its damaged ,they make great planters on the window /patio..

Mar 05, 2011
by: peter

None of the pictures is close enough to see if it is handpainted or transfer printed. The color tone gives the impression of European porcelain. While it may be the willow pattern, the proportions look different from those on Chinese porcelain. This could be later Chinoiserie from Europe. It has a westernized style of decoration

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