Tea Cups - 6 All different

by Rachel
(Point PLeasant, WV, USA)

6 tea cups

6 tea cups

6 tea cups opposite sides of the cups box they are in bottoms

I have a set of 6 porcelain teacups that are in a cloth/satin covered box. They look possibly 1950's. Only one of the cups has a mark on the bottom of it. Not one cup has the same design. Each cup has a different person on it, all with different backgrounds. All the cups has a gold trim to them. Some of the cups has writing on the side of the cup. I can send more pictures. Does anyone how much they are worth, what kind are they, and how old they are. I have no idea anything about these. Thanks!

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by: rachel

I'm sure it is possible they are from different batches. I bought them at an antique shop that looked more like someone's old garage in Florida many years ago. Thanks for your input.

tea cups
by: peter

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for the detail pictures. They confirm what I suspected.
Please note that this is valid for the items shown in the details only. Do you think they have all the same age? Sometimes items from different sets/batches are put together, when some are broken. The fact that some have no marks while some have could indicate this.

I would say the items shown are from the early republic period, 1930s at the most. It could even be within the first quarter of the 20th century.
Definitively older than 1950s...

more pics
by: rachel

I hope this link will get you there, but here is more pictures of my cups. Let me know what you think. I'd love to know how old they are and whether they are reproductions or originals. Thanks so much!


tea cups
by: peter

We do not talk about value here. This is due to several reasons. Please read "Value of Antiques" in the left menu.
1950s? They could be first quarter of the 20th century, unless they are later copies.
Could you upload more pictures to verify this?

What is needed are closeup (partial) pictures of foot, foot rim, faces, and the text on one of the cups; and the mark.
Any blemishes and details should be clearly visible (sufficient resolution).

You can upload more pictures with additional submissions to this blog, or upload them to a site like Photobucket and post the link.

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