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Snuff Bottle

by Lee

Snuff Bottle

Snuff Bottle

I recently came across this Snuff Bottle with some Items I have purchased, I have never seeen a Marking like the one on the base of this Bottle before.

Please could anybody give any further information for the Bottle and to this Marking, also Perhaps an Age, or Year, if possible.

Kind Regards


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Apr 05, 2011
B&W snuff bottle
by: peter

The mark is "Yu Chun Tang" (Jade Spring Hall).
The mark has been in use over a long time, at least since the 18th century to the 20th century. I have also found instances where it appears on metal objects.
However, the actual item decides age. So please, try uploading larger pictures. With these it is not possible to distinguish brush strokes etc., and it is impossible to see if it was printed or hand painted.
I recommend to upload either several smaller areas enlarged, to the blog, or larger pictures to Flickr or another image site, then post the link here, if that is simpler.

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