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snuff bottle

by annette
(essex uk)

this item is quite heavy for its size has no marks ,the ceramic is off white ,blue tinge to it ,can you help identify and date please ,

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Dec 25, 2012
snuff bottle
by: david

my name is david from philadelphia,an i sitting here going over some old blogs on site an came yours however dont know if you,ve have all the info you need on your bottle yet it looks like from pictures you have medcine bottle from the late ming dynasty they were made before 1644
before snuff came to china and they also was used
to hold snuff yet Im taking a look at your glaze
on your bottle and on the footer rim and its not
showing know age signs.

regards david from philadelphia

Feb 28, 2011
suff bottle
by: annette

thank you peter ,very much apreciated .im logging all the info ,your a star .

Feb 28, 2011
blue and white snuff bottle
by: peter

Could be Qing dynasty or first quarter of 20th century, in my view.

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