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Small teapot

by mccandless
(col. oh usa)

I'm interested to know about this small teapot. It measures about 3 in. from bottom to top of the finial. It is very thin and when held to light you can see the light through it. The whole teapot seems textured with piercing around the top. The enamel colors are raised. I have tried to photograph the mark as best possible. The last pic was taken with flash. Other pics are more true to color. Any information about this teapot would be appreciated. Thanks.

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by: peter

This is pottery about which I cannot tell you much, except that on the surface it looks like an Yixing teapot.
The character mark beside the handle seems to say "wangu" (wan meaning "ten thousand", and gu "old")

You will find only little information regarding Yixing wares here, as this is a completely different collecting field. But I would recommend to read the warning at the bottom of this page in case you are intending to use this pot:

Your pot could be of a more recent time, so it might be safer to avoid actually using it.

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