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Small Footed Pot

This pot is around 6 inches high, and 5 inches wide and has small feet. It looks like a combination of glaze and dull pottery. I own 6 other shapes and sizes with the same color/markings. They look old, but I am not sure if they are or not. I did acquire them from mainland China in the later 80's from an old woman in Canton.

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Jan 16, 2011
by: peter

The feet show that this is a censer.
I'm afraid, however, that this is a low quality item or fake.
It uses two different elements, the underglaze blue and the brown etching, all common in certain Chinese ceramics. Generally said, the work is of rather low quality, however,and the proportions don't seem to be right.
Also, the feet would normally be located farther outside, at or near the outer circumference.
I hope your other items are not of the same quality, otherwise the seller probably intentionally sold you imitations.

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