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Set of Chinese cups and plates - would like to know more about it

by Alyssa
(Cape Coral, Florida)

I was just going through some things my grandfather had given me many years ago and came upon a box that had a set of cups and plates. There is a marking on the bottom in red and the picture on the cups is of two women in a boat. There are 12 all together and they are each the same, but have slight differences (i.e. one of the oars has a knob at the end, another doesn't, etc.). All of the cups have a scene with two women in a boat that seems to be a boat/tree, one woman is standing, the other is sitting, and there are two urns - a woman is holding one and the other is just in the "boat."
I was just hoping someone might be able to tell me a little more about what I have.

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Mar 08, 2011
Additional/updated Photos
by: Alyssa

Hi Peter,

I took some more photos this morning in the daylight outside, I hope they provide a better view. I really appreciate your online community here - Thanks for doing it!

I don't have photobucket, but I put them on picasa - I hope they are easily accessible - I'm not used to using the program!



Mar 07, 2011
I will revise
by: Alyssa

Hi Peter,

I will wait until tomorrow and take alternative photos that are in natural daylight - sorry these were not that great!


Mar 07, 2011
chinese items
by: peter

It would be of advantage if the single items could be photographed from side, bottom and top, so that details are visible. The current pictures are too small to see anything, and the one with the red mark is something completely different, apparently.

Instead of uploading here you could also post to Photobucket or a similar place and post the link here.
The colors should be clearly visible. Best would be if the pictures were taken in daylight, either outside or near a window.

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