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Reign Mark on Chinese Porcelain

by Carol
(San Francisco)

I have a piece of pottery that has a reign mark that is neither Qing nor Ming dynasty. I don't read Chinese. What does this say?

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Apr 05, 2011
by: peter

Hi Carol,
I'm pretty sure this is a fake.
1) There is no dynasty name and no reign name.
2)The second and fourth characters (read right to left) each has a point, which these characters don't have, in reality.
3)The third character is in simplified writing, which was introduced in 1956.
4)Further, proper reign marks have "Nian Zhi" (year made) as the last two characters, here the "year" character is replaced by "elegance".
5)The two concentric rings are too regular. Handwritten circles would have some irregularity in stroke width or color darkness, somewhere, as the dye would be plenty at the beginning and less towards the end. This quality is only possible in imperial porcelain, which always would have the proper imperial name.

All in all, too many factors wrong to be genuine.

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