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R.E, Hand painted vase

by James

Hi peter here is the pic you requested. On the hand painted vase hope this help's .Thank you very much if you need more let us know.

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Sep 20, 2010
R.E Hand painted vase
by: James (AZ)

Thank you peter for your help. We will take care of the vase we like the art work on all of them.
This site great and has alot of info on it.
Thank you again

Sep 20, 2010
peach vase
by: peter

No scratches, no porcelain age signs, spotless glaze and mouth? Peach and bats are a bit different from those I know from the late Qing dynasty and early republic period.
Also, the writing has not faded at all. It easily does if it has been in use.
Therefore, I have to assume that it is 20th century, and rather middle than early. It could be vintage, but probably not antique. Still, this vase is better than the others combined.
Take good care of this one, its value may appreciate over time unless it is faking another original one.

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