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Question of a vase

by annemiek

I would like to buy this vase, but there are no markings on, recently I was a surveyor and who always found it difficult to assess this type of vases in their history, can anyone advise me whether this is an old or a new vase, it seems very old, but I have been a few times mistaken in some items, would someone please give me some advise on this one?
p.s. I have no other pictures at the moment.

Greetings Annemiek

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Feb 27, 2011
by: peter

Í would not buy it, at least if you are looking for some antique or vintage Chinese items.
My first impression of the decoration was that it is not Chinese at all. The shape is not Chinese either. The proportions aren't right.
The crackles and bottom seem to make it look old, and it possibly is. But, this is not Chinese, and no effort was made to make it look Chinese. I I don't know if it is from somewhere else or just one of the many Chinese fake antiques.

You should be aware of one thing. Some plain old items are painted later...but that does not make them into antiques or vintage items. This is just plain age faking.

There are NO Chinese elements in the vase decoration at all.

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