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question Items

by annemiek beemster
(Lanaken Belgium)

I am looking for an answer about 2 Items I have.
One item is I suppose chinese porcelain out the period Chenghua?
A kind of vase? it has a little Jade Gong drawning on it.
The second Item is a sniffing bottle with a little spoon in it.
I hope you can give me more information about the two items, I send a few photos with these items.
I'm sorry but my Englisch is as bad as my Chinese:-)
Hoping for an answer.
Kindest regards
Annemiek Beemster.

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Feb 12, 2011
dark bands
by: peter


The bands should be the same color as the mark at he bottom. I am not quite sure from the photographs.
The bands can be from dark brown to very dark brown, but not pitch black. If the color is completely black without a brown tone, then it would be later made, probably. Otherwise, everything looks right, in my view.

See this example:

The color may be darker, but not pitch black.

Feb 12, 2011
by: annemiek

Thanks for your answer!!
I think this far is not real, I think that because the bands are black and not brown.

The sniffing bottle is also not real, I looked at
the little spoon, it's made from plastic!!! :-(

Feb 05, 2011
by: peter

Yes, the larger pictures seem to confirm that this Fangge vase is from the late Qing dynasty. The bottom looks right too.

Feb 04, 2011
Fangge jar with phoenix decoration
by: peter

Hello Annemiek,
You will have to find someone with specialist knowledge of Jade to get information on your snuff bottle. I don't understand jade.

As to the jar, this is a typical Fangge jar with phoenix decoration. Probably made in the late Qing dynasty.
Fangge porcelain items are made with crackles, and the brown bands and mark are typical for the late Qing period.
However, to make sure that it is not a later copy, it would be necessary to see a closeup picture each of a phoenix, one of the brown bands, and the whole bottom.

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