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Query on origin and age of small dish

by Chelsea

Hi Peter
I have another little dish that I would like your advice on. It is about 4.5 - 5 inches in diameter (no ruler at the moment). When you handle it, it gives the impression it has some age, both the feel of the clay and the crazing of the glaze and the foot also shows age. Although no expert on 'aged fakes' if it is one, it has been done very well! It is definitely hand painted and the paint work is in very good condition. A few specks missing off the central flower and some of the gold has worn off the rim from handling. The flower in the centre of the dish is somewhat impressed and then painted. The shape of the dish however, seems to be a rather modern shape so it confuses me as to its age. I have also supplied a photo of the mark in the hope that you can shed some light on its age and country of origin.

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Apr 23, 2011
by: peter

In my view this is either not Chinese or not antique, or both.
The decoration does not seem to be Chinese. The mark looks as if it were an abbreviation of Satsuma-sei (Japanese), but it is unusual to leave the second character of Satsuma away, in Japanese.
The painted decoration looks more European, too.
No idea what it is or what age it has.

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