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Query if this is Ming dynasty?

by Chelsea

Hello Peter
I have another article that is available for purchase. It is being represented as being from the Ming Dynasty. Your advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Chelsea

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May 03, 2011
porcelain box
by: peter

To me this looks like Dehua blue and white. If it is, it could be late Ming or early Qing dynasty, in my view.

From the pale blue it could also be shipwreck porcelain.
As such, always check out shipwreck porcelain for similarities. If tens of thousands of similar items were recovered, its value might be quite low. There is sufficient information on such available on the Internet.

Further, much of the recovered shpiwreck porcelain is Vietnamese. This is also valid for Ming era porcelain.
Annam was part of the Chinese empire for a very long time. During the Ming dynasty it again was for some time part of the empire. Some designs may look very similar because of this.

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