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Query if this is an antique vase?

by chelsea

Hi again Peter
First of all, thanks for your replies to my previous queries. I have another for you. I have been offered this vase and have been told that it is an antique, but am unsure if this would be true, something about the colours.They are not the best photos but that is all I have. Am still learning about Chinese pottery/porcelain having been collecting Japanese. It does look a bit new and modern to me but I guess there is a chance that it is an antique, so am seeking your advice and wisdom. thanks Chelsea

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Apr 07, 2011
Query if this is an antique vase?
by: Chelsea

Thank you Peter. I wish I had found this site earlier. I missed out on that Song dish (which was going for a song!) because I wasn't sure of its authenticity. When you verified it as genuine, it had gone. Never mind - I trawl through these blogs and am learning a lot from your comments. Again, thank you. Chelsea

Apr 07, 2011
famille rose vase
by: peter

Hi again. This is a famille rose vase, but as you said, it looks a bit new. Some of the newer items with this type of decoration have been printed.
I wouldn't recommend obtaining it based on these pictures alone.

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