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qing picture need help

by Hanh
(Newark De)

Hey Peter
What's King of the Qing dynasty is on this picture,this is real painting but no signature ,the paper used very thin and solid with the time.I had one piece of paper broken from the edge of painting.This painting on very old frame ,i scare picture will be destroy with the time,i just changed the frame
please help

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by: peter

Hi again,
If you do an image search for "Chinese pith picture" you will find more of this kind.

These pictures were originally painted in Canton (Guangzhou), when it was the main trading port for Europeans in China. Not sure of the exact time, but most of them were probably made from the second half of the 18th century to the 19th century. (Correct me if someone knows more details.)

They apparently are watercolor paintings on pith paper. These are neither Chinese nor European paintings proper, but their style may have been derived from an European style of the time. Pith paintings were specifically made by painters (mostly Chinese) in the Canton area, possibly due to their contact with the foreign traders there.
More often than not the pictures show people or scenes in everyday life of the time.

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