Qing covered bowl

by Ryan

Hi again Peter and friends. I hope you don't mind me posting more images. I purchased some cheap items today and I would love to get some info on them.
I have seen this item for sale on another site somewhere. I am not sure if this design and exact shape were made over a long period or short. I am wondering if you know what reign this is from? The bottom is unmarked. There are other jars like this around here but many have a bit of damage or the bottom doesn't match the top.
I am curious about another quality issue which I have seen on many pieces including Ming bowls. As you can see in the first photo, the bottom half of the bowl has horizontal lines visible in the picture. I am hoping you can explain why they are there.

Thanks a bunch..

You are welcome Ryan, It is always a pleasure discussing 'real' antiques... :-)

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lidded jar
by: peter

Hi Ryan,
I have not seen this specific decoration pattern before. This is not strange, however, as some patterns were only made for certain markets in SE Asia, etc., especially for the Chinese communities living there.
Overall this looks like what some call a "wedding jar", with the double happiness characters. This were mainly made from the early 19th century.
So it is likely 19th century.

I am not sure which lines you mean, can you be more specific, please?
(Kindly upload bottom pictures with items. The bottom is the most important reference for age evaluation.)

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