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qianlong vase

by newark

Hey Peter
See you me ,this is qianlong jar and real qianlongh mark

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thank you
by: newark

Hey Peter
thank you again Peter ,i have thinking this is not period too .thank you again for to learn alot about antiques ,from your help

Temple Jar
by: peter

Are these two different items? I cannot see anything like the peaches on the jar.
Anyway, I cannot comment on the jar as there is only a single picture and it is too small to see any details. More pictures including closeups, bottom and foot rim pictures would be necessary.

Regarding the mark, do you mean it is a period mark? There are many 'real' marks.
I wouldn't dare commenting on authenticity with only such a partial picture.
I just give you some thoughts and questions, though:
One character in this mark is written in a way as was required with imperial marks, but this leaves more open questions. Most Qianlong marks were in underglaze blue, with exceptions. Most Qianlong marks are found on the bottom in the form of a square seal.
Further, the ruyi decoration, peach and 'shou' character decoration look more like something done much later, in the 20th century. The peaches are especially conspicuous for being not of the 18th century.
Non-imperial items would hardly have a yellow ground either, as this likely would not have been permitted in the Qianlong period. That color was a prerogative of the imperial court.
To me it seems, the peaches etc. do not resemble 18th century decorations, or anything imperial...

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