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Qianlong Scroll Vase - Real or not?

by Tjahjadi
(Concord, California)

I got this in garage sale. The guy who had it is a Spanish family. When I asked them where do they get it, they said they don't have any idea. Only it is pretty old, belong to their late father. You wont believe it if I tell you they sell it to me only for $2.

So since that is only $2 I dont care it is fake or real. Can somebody give me your opinion about this vase?

The dimension is
Height 26 Cm
Diameter 12 cm
Perimeter 38 cm

Base on the mark, it was made in Qianlong Period.

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Mar 31, 2013
qianlong vase
by: Anonymous

Hello, I come from Malaysia, I like this vase very much, Do you to sell this vase? Please contact me at my email, Thank you.

Sep 27, 2010
chinese vase
by: peter

From these images this looks like a very recent mass production vase, probably printed, not hand-painted. The Qianlong mark is fake.

Hope this helps.

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